The Period
for P*riods

Be a catalyst for change. 

MAY 2020, Individual

Advertising, Copywriting

297mm x 420mm Posters 

An advertising school project of feminine care products, specifically sanitary pads. This was a survey of current pad brands in the Singapore market to create an advertising proposition and campaign for our chosen brand. 

The design of the posters was kept minimal to let the copywriting and type shine through, with quotation marks morphed into blood droplets. Let the period speak for itself. 

Kotex is a driven, bold and empowering brand that takes on taboos honestly to challenge negative perceptions of menstruation. It was their exisiting fashionable campaigns and role to challenge status quo that made me choose to create a campaign for their brand. 

We want to normalise the conversation and encourage women to live their periods with pride. The first poster (left) targets the narrow-minded perception of periods being an ‘awkward’ or unspoken conversation, paralleling with how the power of women is treated. The second (right) ridicules the euphemisms people try to use to disguise the word ‘menstruation’. 

When using humour to drive across messages, never alienate customers by poking fun at them. Instead, prod at existing marketing and mindsets of the product that fall short.