Books, our ‘Mirror
& Window’

Mirrored Aisles 

2020–2021, Collaboration

Food, our Unifier
& Diversifier

Mirrored Aisles 

Art Direction, UIUX, Research & Conceptualisation

For D&AD New Blood 2021 
Penguin Books Brief 

In Collaboration with Ng Jue Ying 

Mirrored Aisles gives students an immersive book experience through food.

In the UK, the GCSE English Literature syllabus only includes 9 books written by authors of colour. Because of this, students are becoming disillusioned with the education they are receiving, leading to further enhanced socioeconomic divides. This has caused people to drop out of the subject in their post-O Level education, the intake falling by 25% between 2016 and 2020.  

Literature is the platform that sheds light on the diverse backgrounds that shape us, bringing voices of colour to the forefront. That said, food parallels with books being a tangible form of diversity. It is the unifier that brings people from all over the world together. It diversifies us, through the way we eat, and the ingredients we use to cook.

Hence, Mirrored Aisles turns Tesco Hypermarts into an immersive book museum experience through visual and audio devices—placing a spotlight on authors of colour, to be seen and heard by the younger generation. Tesco Hypermarts host the event as it is a location-neutral and inclusive environment that students across the UK can frequent at their convenience.