Reintroducing The Straits Times

A Personal, Simple &
Modern Experience.
Dark Mode Supported.

        MAY 2020, Individual

Design for Screen, UI, User Profiling

Based on Singapore’s
The Straits Times News App

The Straits Times is Singapore’s leading local news source that caters news to the young and old, savvy to the simple news readers. However, their interface was not user-friendly. After researching on their current design and their competitors in the market like BBC, Winno & Medium, the main points of improvements were: Organisation, Navigation, and Reading legibility.  

In the process of redesigning the app, making it minimal and personalised were the two most defining factors. Older users needed to be able to understand how to use the app, while younger users needed their dose of fine-tuned and curated content. Coloured tags, suggested content and dark mode support helped to achieve this. 

Understanding our target audience was of utmost importance and defined what needed to be changed. So, meet Lyla and Jo, who helped use get a better sense of who ST’s readers are and what they need.