Ladder Quotient 

MARCH–JULY 2020, Collaboration

graphic booklet of
inequalities and classism

Art Direction, Conceptualisation

Taiwan Internation Student Design
Competition 2020

A collaboration with
       Clarence Liu Wei Jun 
       Ng Jue Ying

Printed on
        270gsm Colourplan in Stone
        100gsm Munken Cream 15 

We created The Ladder Quotient with the intention of potraying the inequalities that are reflected on opportunities presented to people of varying status.

The world of The Ladder Quotient reimagines how life would look like if we removed the obvious differences and diversity in order to achieve surface-level equality.
‘The Perfect World’ presents itself as a world that seemingly looks perfect on the outside but also poses the question: "Sacrifice our diversity and individuality, would it really become a problem-free life?"

The Ladder Quotients includes a board game sleeve that resembles Snakes and Ladders that contemplates on the steps we take to climb ladders of life, like the social or corporate ladder, to reach the top. 

The booklet is printed double-side and bound by a z-fold, one side showing The Real World and the other The Perfect World. This back-to-back comparison conflicts and parallels each side with the other.