Liang Cha, 
Herbal Tea

DECEMBER 2020, Individual

Bringing out the
wellness that is
already in you 

Branding, Brand System, Brand Experience
Packaging Design

Elixir is a pseudo-brand of liang cha—traditional Chinese herbal tea—that aims to deliver healthy drinks to the masses. With the bubble tea trends on the rise in Singapore, the brand positions liang cha as a healthier alternative thirst quencher that can dissipate the heat and detoxify the body.

Create a brand experience across the customer purchase journey of Elixir, creating a brand narrative, system and touchpoints that are able to meet the desires and needs of 15- to 35-Year-Old consumers.


“Bringing out the wellness that is already in you.”


Original Interior Architecture Credits: Roman Plyus 

Enter the modern and inclusive Liang Cha bar, serving herbal tea in a neutral-pink setting highlighted by backlight and neon lights.

Sip a drink powered by our wand and the wonders of Liang Cha at our bar, or take one home to share.

The drinks are named after aspirational verbs that reflect the benefits of the drink (i.e. THRIVE for Luo Han Guo fruit tea, rich in antioxidants). This aims to give a feeling of empowerment to their customers.

Sit back, enjoy, and explore.

Every cup/can has a QR code that brings customers to the website to
discovermore about the drink they have ordered.

Five Years down the road, where are we? 

Designing a dream creative solution for Elixir to keep customers engaged and connected and to be ahead of the competitors.

Powered by TCM/Qi-centred exercises to embrace the
methodology of liang cha, like Pilates, Tai Chi & Yoga. 

Elixir as Your Personal Trainer

Gym packages based on personal goals, accompanied by booster drinks that come with the packages to enhance your journey to fitness. Non-members may purchase special menu of drinks here as well. 

While Elixir’s main stores are mainly centred on discovery, Elixir Play is also about determination and working hard, hence a slightly tougher look.