Branding an emerging animal feed brand focused on sustainability.

︎ Brand Identity ︎ Art Direction ︎ Print ︎ Packaging ︎ Copywriting

Year 2021

Collaboration with Naomi Hadi and Seah Xin Yu

Completed at Temasek Polytechnic

Making a Mouthful of Change

Buff’ed is a brand championing solutions of lasting value, built on making long-term solutions created out of honesty and innovation to deliver visible change in the life of animals and the planet. We positioned the enterprise to be mission-driven, motivated by transparency as a courageous leader using innovation for sustainability.

Buff’ed is strong by nature, sustainable at heart. The logo represents two defining goodness of its feed in the symbol (leaf + pellet), while presenting a whole and confident front with the block typeface.

The tagline “Edge Above the Rest” strives to establish its pioneer status among other brands.

A Nicely Vocal Brand

The packaging uses iconography and copywriting to communicate the brand story and impact. We created the graphics by leaning into cubism references. Sharp edges represent not fitting into the crowd, and its asymmetrical form reflects having an independent perspective.

Buff’ed’s focus in science is reinforced by the grid detailing. The copywriting is bold and dares to be different. Our voice promotes transparency in our processes and impact, while bringing the message of an enduring worth of materials often overlooked.

One Mouthful at a Time

Roll-out Plan 

Every new product entering the market always needs to make a good introduction.

We kept our target audience in mind: Farmers in the aquafarming and swine sectors, and also fish and prawn hobbyists. To target these groups of people, we built a roll-out plan to make committing to our product easier. 

For farmers, we introduced trial packages at an accessible price. For our younger hobbyist demographic, we communicated to them through our social media, addressing pain points and sustainability. Pamphlets were readily available for anyone to learn more about Buff’ed.


—A Dedicated Team of Three

In this school collaboration, my role in this team of designers was facilitating the art direction, copywriting and brand strategy. As I worked with coursemates from illustration and integrated communication specialisations, I led branding-related processes like the logo creation and building of brand blueprints.

Here is a small insight into our process: Moodboards, mindmaps, logo sketches and experimentation we had along the way.

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