Family Office For Art (FOFA)

︎ Print ︎ Digital ︎ Website Design ︎ Motion Graphics

Year 2022

Completed at OPLA [SG] ︎︎︎
for Studio Vanessa Ban

Family Office For Art (FOFA) is an independent art advisory based in Singapore, with an extensive network of art specialists and experts spanning across Asia and beyond.

OPLA embarked on establishing their expertise into a brand identity. Tasked with crafting a visual narrative to propel FOFA into the art market, our approach was rooted in a deep understanding of the brand's ethos and aspirations. This culminated in a brand poised to leave a mark on the art advisory landscape.

The website, informed by the cascading form of our logo, was built for seamless navigation and accessibility. Through the parallel lines and drop-down interactions, the visual language enabled smooth digestion of long-form copy and facilitated easy navigation through the company's extensive experience and services.

Having joined the studio in the middle of the project, my role was to extend the company's corporate identity into its print and digital spaces which included its stationery, website and social media platforms. I worked closely with my design directors to design the website and expand and prepare their final branding assets.

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